QUO Wayfinding

QUO is a unique system that gives directions to pedestrians without the need for a GPS signal, so it is reliable even within buildings

Use your smartphone to get exact directions to your destination at any QUO point. The Quo App is freely available for all major smartphones. Or use the web app from a desktop or laptop. Insert a simple link into messages and invitations to point to destinations like meeting rooms. Use QuoCreate to capture your location's layout and publish it.

Main applications


Make it super easy for patients and visitors of the hospital to find their way - they may have enough other things to worry about. Include a QUO link in an invitation or appointment that you sent out, so the correct destination is loaded in the App even before arriving at the hospital.

Shopping malls and shopping centers

Increase the ease of discovering all the shops, even those on the less frequented places. Make it easy to find shops in the App's directory sorted by category. Present additional information in the App for every shop.

Amusement parks

Provide your visitors with easy to follow directions to all the attractions and facilities of the amusement park. You don't need a jungle of direction signs, just a simple marker at each turning point.


Travelers expect that airports take the guesswork out of finding the right gate for their flight. QUO shows the right direction to take at any marker throughout the entire airport. And when the traveler has some time to spare, the shopping or food service of choice is easy to locate too. Meanwhile, you can offer up-to-date gate information as extra info in the App.

Congres centers

Save your visitors' precious time by showing them the shortest route to the exhibitors they want to see. A simple QUO marker at each boot will do the trick.


Let your guests scan the code to their room and let the QUO app show them the way. Can't miss, no matter how big or complex the premises are.

Office buildings

Quickly find designated flex-work places and meeting rooms. Quo can be installed on a private server behind the corporate firewall to keep your location data private.

Parks and nature areas

No more getting lost in the woods. With a QUO marker on a pole at important intersections, the visitor can see his or her position on a map and get directions.

Other benefits

Being designed for use in buildings, QUO gives directions incorporating mulitple floors if applicable. It shows which elevator or stairs to take. You can tell the QUO App to avoid stairs.

How to get QUO at your building or location

QUO is a relatively simple and inexpensive system to install. The people at QUOpoint.com will gladly explain the details to you and provide any help you need.

QuoCreate is an app that enables location managers and independent agents to configure a QUO system themselves. Contact us for more information.