The QUO app is your guide in buildings and locations that are equipped with QUO markers

Quo marker

QUO marker


  • quickly find your way in buildings equipped with the QUO system
  • automatic download of free navigation-data per location, worldwide
  • information tailored for each location
  • share your position and be found
  • link with agenda possible

Simply scan a QUO marker with the built-in scanner to determine your exact position without the need for GPS. With a destination selected, the app shows you which way to go at each marker. Elevators and stairs on your way are indicated as well. You can opt to avoid stairs. The total route is shown on a floor plan of the location. A special appointment-link can be sent to you by email or QR-code and the app can put this appointment in the agenda with a reference to the exact place of the appointment. Optionally, iBeacons can be used to signal you are close to a marker.