QUO game

QUO is a system that shows you where to go in real-world locations.
But did you know you can also practice using QUO at home?

QUO board game

The QUO game is a simple simulation of finding the room you are looking for in an unknown building.

You may download the game here.

It is the easiest to play the game from a "game board". To get the game board, just print the pdf file that you just downloaded on an A4 or Letter sized paper. Gluing to a piece of cardboard is optional.

The objective of the game is to locate the "red room" as efficiently as possible. Start at the entrance, which you find on the right side of the game board. Use the QUO app and the QUO markers at each point to get directions and determine were the red room is.

Good luck!

If you like the game and want to play it in a more life-size format, you may download normal size markers here. Print the markers and use them to create a real-life version of the game. These markers have been designed to be put on the floor, facing the same way as on the game board.

Quick note: in real applications, the QUO markers don't have to be on the floor. You can hang them on the wall, or wherever best suites you.