Privacy Policy

QUO App for end-users

QUO is published by Groenhartnet. Groenhartnet does not collect any of your personal information.

The information about your position and location does not leave the QUO app on your mobile device without your permission.

You can use one of the functions of the app to share your present location; in that case you should be aware that the receivers of this share can use this information to find you.

The QUO app allows you to view websites with information and / or advertising that is relevant to a position.

QuoCreate App for professionals

QuoCreate is published by Groenhartnet. Groenhartnet respects your privacy.

The configuration that you create and publish with QuoCreate will be stored on the QUO Server and will be made available to all QUO users.

When you publish for the first time, QuoCreate will ask for your consent to use information from your Microsoft account. QuoCreate uses your Microsoft account to identify you, making sure that only you can chance the configuration on the QUO Server. The email address belonging to your Microsoft account and an encrypted version of your credentials are stored on the QUO Server. Your email address will be used to contact you about your use of the QUO Server. Your email address will not be made available to third parties.